Monday, February 7, 2011

Pod Castle

PodCastle is devoted to fantasy stories. It is one of the three Escape Artists podcasts spun off from EscapePod in July 2007. Fantasy tends to reside in sprawling fat trilogies and sequals, but PodCastle seeks out the elusive fantasy short story, which includes everything from swords and sorcery to modern day strange occurences, Arabian Nights, folklore, magical realism, and every other not quite mainstream fiction. Some of the popular authors on the show are Greg van Eekhout  and Tim Pratt. The quality of stories and narration is first rate. For some reason the intros and outros have always been weak, however, especially compared to EscapePod and Pseudopod, the other two EscapeArtist sisters, although with the addition of Dave Thompson, this condition has changed. His intros are great.

Here are some fantastic shows to get you started:

PC005  The Ant King: A California Fairy Tale                                                  
PC003  Run Of The Fiery Horse                                    
PC020  Cup and Table                                                  
PC029  Dead Languages                                               
PC008  The Osteomancer’s Son                                    
PC004  Goosegirl                                                          
PC006  Hotel Astarte                                                    
PC027  Red Riding-Hood’s Child                                  
PC018  Illuminated Dragon                                            
PC017  Goblin Lullaby

And one of my personal favorites, a seething indictment of racism in the Shire, Middle Earth
PC032  Senator Bilbo

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