Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New to podcasts?

Skip this post if you're already listening to podcasts. Two years ago I kept hearing about podcasts and had no ideas what they were. It drove me crazy. Now it's incredible that I could completely miss out on something so big. A podcast is basically just an audio segment that you can download onto your computer and listen to on an IPod or any MP3 player. How do you do it? The easiest way for me is to go through the ITunes store. Search for the podcast you want and subscribe. It's free. Then when you open ITunes, the podcasts you subscribe to will be right there in your Podcasts folder along with your music. You can also download podcasts direct from the podcast's website. The podcast will download as an MP3 just like a music file. The benefit of going to the website is you get to see artwork, show notes, and comment on the podcasts.

This blog is dedicated to speculative fiction, but any subject you can dream up is out there. I am out looking for all the interesting SF podcasts. Let me know if you see one I haven't covered.

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